Friday, 11 July 2014


I'v been fighting a losing battle with my recent diagnosis. I thought it would never happen. Me, self confessed master of the laissez faire school of training & racing, less is more, don't kill yourself etc. Anyone that already suffer's will probably tell me I had it coming and who am I to argue, I think I knew too and like many never did anything about it.

I'm told Obsessive compulsive running disorder is a lot more common than I think, a lot more people suffer from it than would care to admit. It's still a taboo subject but it still doesn't come as much of a consolation. The confusion as I jump out of bed at 6.30am (for the tenth day in a row!) and run into the morning sunrise has become the norm and The six unloved can's I bought last week stare longingly from the fridge as I increasingly opt for the water.

What make's the onset even more strange or maybe may actually be the cause, is the fact I'v only raced five times this year with three of these in January. Absence make's the heart grow fonder. The hunger has been growing under the skin. After a sluggish few month's where I couldn't get out of my own way I stopped trying to run fast and slowed it right down, got a pair of trainer's and the mileage crept up over the norm. At this stage it was too late, I didn't realise it but OCRD had already taken hold.

I came across a typical timeline on 'The Medical Mail' last week while struggling to come to term's with it.
The patient possibly
- Started running year's ago as a mean's of keeping fit during the off season for some other more loved sport, say cycling for example and 'hated' every minute of the six miles a week thro'out November. (Gave up on it in December)
- Went through a phase of 'standard run of the mill dislike' but carried on with it as a mean's of survival during a sporadic encounter with triathlon.
- Came to 'tolerate it' after discovering there were only three minutes lost to the fastest run split toward's the end of the his latest triathlon outing.
- Started 'liking it' after coming close to the thirty minute mark for five miles and comparing the varying standard of apre race tea and cakes between race's.
- Finally, chronic OCrD present's itself in the form of 'Loving it'. Clear and present challenge's pop up from time to time and resistance is futile.
So it's out of my control and I just have to roll with it. Ah well.

Being part of the organising committee at the Streets of Fermoy 5k series, a handy return to competition at the Coolagown 5K and the acuisiton by Grange-Fermoy AC of a pretty talented Moldovan to give us a few pointers have only served to compound my illness, to remedy it I'v entered my first 10k in four year's. The Fit mag 10K is on Sunday around the Marina and Blackrock area of Cork, I think there's a few lump's in it with a flat/downhill run into a pretty cool looking tree lined finishing tunnel. It'll serve as a bit of a sneak preview of a new 10 miler scheduled for September around the same road's and the Charleville half marathon in the middle of September...............

Surely they'll have come up with a cure by then.

If any readers are affected by the issues in this post go to a race and find comfort in the presence of your comrades.

Take care



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