Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bring it on

               Dingle is well over the horizon and approaching fast, I'm lacking a bit on the long run's (as usual maybe) although I'v had three run's over 14 miles in the last month and was happy enough with the progression. Garnished with a sprinkling of speedwork and topped off with some very comfortable recovery run's I'm looking forward to Saturday. The thing about The Dingle Half is if I couldn't get out of my own way I'd still look forward to heading down wesht. A well planned event in a nice corner of the world. The half marathon route is a one way affair finishing 13.1 mile's out the road at Dunquin on the western edge of the Dingle peninsula. It's not as lumpy as the full marathon which has it's toughest sections after the half way point and it also has the best view's out over the atlantic. Unless you've been there it's hard to put a word on it so for the sake of putting the sentence to bed I'll leave it at 'spectacular'.

The view from the 11 mile mark (thro' grimmacing eye's) 

                Originally I hadn't intended 'racing' it due to the lack of mile's but a strong run last Saturday over 14 mile's on the back of a premature sub 30min. five miler two week's ago is after getting the back up and if I have those same leg's this weekend I'll probably hammer it out pretty fast (b.m.s). In any case It'll be a good tester for the Charleville half two week's later which is a much flatter affair. I havn't looked too much beyond Charleville but the obvious next choice would be the iconic 15 miler from Cork to Cobh on Oct. 6th but I'm still trying to beat the ugly memories that still linger from that race last year on a day that I should have just stayed in bed. The best way to get rid of them is to go and have another go I suppose.

                I put away my last hard session this evening in the form of a standard set of 8*400's on the grass after a 4 mile warm up. A good way of learning to deal with the intensity of racing, and even more so tonight as I hooked up with young Brian and old Brian. The youthful enthusiasm of the young Brian had the two old boy's on the rope's for the evening so all I can say is thank's. An interval session in company will alway's squeeze a bit more effort out of you when the leg's start to turn to jelly between effort's 5 and 6. The intention was to do an easy five mile's but the leg's felt good enough to be able to take it and it's nice to get it out of the way early in the week. So it's easy running from now till Saturday.

               Saturday's run was a beautiful affair, a pet day weather wise and the mind and body were a bit more prepared than the previous week in the form of having a better idea of what to expect. My first long run on the road's the previous week left me sore for a day or two after and took me a bit by surprise. A lumpy run with a steep climb at mile 6 to clear out the cobwebs. After this I found my stride and was surprised to be running comfortable at 7min. miles up to mile 10. John and Brendan took a longer route with their eye's on the Dublin marathon while I headed for home in 6.45's for the last 3 mile's into town. Delighted to be in control at that pace and lapped up the cool down, satisfied after a good morning's work.

               After a long break from proper training over the hot summer month's I'm after getting to a stage where I don't think I'v been before with running. Where I see it most is in the recovery run's. Cruising now where once I laboured, now I'm actually recovering during these run's. A nice sensation and it look's like the break has stood me well. Another big development is after 12 month's of having it to see how I'm going out the road, I'v actually got myself to sit down for 20 minutes and figured out how to pair my Garmin to the pc and 'tis only great craic.      





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