Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Give it a rest will ya

               Its been a few weeks since my last confession, but that's not to say there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Bar the last 10 day's, where I took a break to recharge the batteries and give my battered leg's a rest. The running season is in full swing at this stage and guy's are running out of their skin's, a good time of the year to get the best out of yourself and on the flip side a good time of the year to knock yourself out through injury or sickness, feeling hint's of both, I put my shoes on the shelf and for the last week and a half enjoyed some of the best weather to come our way in quite a while. The urge to rest lasted about six day's, and I fought it for the next four, tonight I could wait no more and headed out into a beautiful dark, damp evening around the town.

               I'v enjoyed a nice run of form for the last two months, while my mileage was relatively low (25 -30 miles p.w) I made a habit of squeezing in some intense sessions whenever the body would allow it. A 17.35 5K in Doneraile was probably the best I'v felt at any stage as a runner, followed a few week's later by a 29.11 five miler in the first race of the Ballycotton summer series on the hilly Ballyandereen circuit. This was a time I never thought I'd see on a course like this and signs on, I got carried away and pushed it a bit too hard in the first few miles but just about managed to keep a respectable pace for the duration of the race, even after a miserable mile four where the hill made me feel like an invalid on a stairs. Happy with the time but trying to shut out the voice telling me I should have ran a bit more conservatively in the first mile or two. Physically I was a bit of a wreck after it, not just my legs but all over, shoulders, chest, neck. A sure sign that I might have went a bit o.t.t. early on, and probably time to take a breather.

A nice night for a run in Doneraile brought the curtain down on what I'v decided was the first part of the season (pic. Paudie Bermingham - Mallow AC)

              An easy week later and I was on the way to Doneraile for the last race of the 5k series on a spectacular, sunny evening in the ground's of the park. I'd been to the last three and wanted to finish it off with a good run. Not to be though, sore leg's during the warm up, while not physically affecting me during the race, crept into my head when the shit hit the fan with 2k to go. I lost contact with a group of four running for third and came in 6th, 22 seconds slower than my previous outing. The price of a hard run in Ballycotton and definitely time to take the foot off the gas.

              Stopping all of a sudden is a bit of a shock, the brain doesn't work like it used to (This is bad, at it's best it could only be described as average) and the energy level's take a dive, but necessary all the same. The thought of getting back into the same old routine is scary at the moment and the leg's are still a bit sore.

               Six easy miles tonight, with no agenda only to run. Realising that the most important thing about running is that it's to be enjoyed. I could do this for the rest of my day's (well, that's how I feel after tonight's run ......... until the next eureka moment when the gauntlet get's thrown down again).      


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