Saturday, 20 April 2013

I'v just put down my weakest week training wise, so what's to write about? not a whole lot but it's nice to sit down, start hitting the keypad and see what comes out.

Since Mallow I havn't increased my mileage and have been keeping the weekly mileometer around the 25/30 mile mark with one or two speed session's thrown in depending on how I feel. I'v met a number of runners who run off a nine day cycle which mean's a bit more recovery between hard workout's. Younger guy's can lash out hard session's regularly as their recovery rate's and flexibility are a lot better now than they will be in twenty year's time.

I had intended running the half marathon in Cork but I havn't been getting the mileage in, so for the moment it's going to be more 5K's, 10K's and 4 and 5 milers to keep me sweet. Through the binocular's the Charleville half and the Dublin marathon are two race's that I'd like to have a go off but I won't commit just yet. Bigger distances mean bigger weekly mileage means bigger commitment means more pressure means a little less fun. You have to take things a bit more seriously basically.

While running the risk of being disowned by my ultra training buddies, I'm loving this shorter stuff, and after two trips to Doneraile for the Ballyhoura 5K series I'm pretty much hooked, to this event in particular. A casual outing on a Saturday morning, as much about enjoying the surrounds as enjoying the race, the atmosphere is light hearted, and then the hooter goes. Intensity is a big thing in a short race like this and pacing is as important here as in a longer race. Even in a short race like this it's possible to blow your light's by halfway if you go out too fast. So finding the pace that you can just about put up with for roundabout the 20 minutes is the key.

Brilliant sunshine greeted us on the latest outing to Doneraile

On this Saturday morning we were graced with blue skies, no breeze and a mild 12 degrees. Perfect running weather. 17.46 was the reward for my recent speed sessions, one full minute behind clubmate Mike Lyons who finished second with a 16.46. After the race it's a beautiful place to cool down in the shape of a 5k jog in the opposite direction around the same loop.

On a morning like this I reluctantly discovered that the long dark winter does take it's toll on a body as much as I might try to deny it. In the rain and cold you don't stop to look around, you won't sit on the bench and have a chat and you can't make room for the finer things, the struggle to keep warm and dry is foremost. It's always a struggle and it's only when the sun comes out that you realise it. The weight comes off the shoulders, the sigh's are almost audible, it's evident in the people, there's smiling and a buzz of conversation. Laughing even.

I make no secret of my love of barefoot running, of late I havn't been doing a whole lot as my two trusty venues, like the rest of the country are waterlogged. Interesting to see the Mighty Mo Farah runs barefoot twice a week, run's mostly on grass and track and covers 'on average' 120 miles per week.

Barefootin', Irish style get's a bit wet. where's Mo Farah now?

So what's next? I'm involved in putting together a few 5K's in Fermoy town which are going to be held during May. As much as I'd like to take part I'll keep the powder dry and try to do all four of the Ballycotton 5 mile summer series, carry on with the Ballyhoura series and maybe increase the mileage enough to head for Charleville with good leg's in September for the half. Keep it simple like.


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