Friday, 15 March 2013

Two short sharp shocks please

I feel like Im missing something here. Since Dungarvan at the end of January I don't think I'v ran another ten miler. Eight miles being the most at any one time. Possibly not the cleverest of ways to prepare for the 10 miler in Mallow on this coming bank holiday and a small part of me feels like I'm not ready for it. Always one for experimentation, at least I'm fresh.

To look at it another way, I'v put down a quality month of more intense work, quality and consistency wise probably the best month I'v put down in 10 years. I feel like I'v climbed a rung of the ladder as regards speed, how long I can keep it for is the question, I'll find out in Mallow on Monday.

The track behind Colaiste an Chraoibhin - Once detested, lately it's been the scene of  some quality interval sessions. Once upon a time an interval session was 'flat out', keeping back a bit from the max and running with a bit more control is suiting me these days.

I got my first barefoot run in on March 1st with a few more since, yesterday's one left me with numb toes for half an hour, with ground temperatures just above freezing and a heavy film of water on the pitches I had to shorten it a bit from the planned easy seven miles. I don't want to tempt faith here but since I started this barefoot lark around this time last year I have been running faster and injury free. The sensation of foot on earth and mud is hard to beat and takes me back to feeling like a youngfella again with a warm tingling on the soles of my feet for a few hours after. Running or therapy? I don't know. It's damn good anyway.

Since Dungarvan I'v discovered 5K's. Highly addictive little races. The first one being in the spectacular grounds of Doneraile Park in north Cork and the second being on 'the flat as a pancake' Marina circuit for the latest bhaa race in Cork city. Both only 20 minutes drive from home. Certainly got the endorphine rush and I feel like I'm even cheating a bit, purely for the fact that I'v been out there for less than one third of the time of a ten miler. After growing up in an environment of long distance bike races and more recently a spate of marathon training last year, environments that dwell on long term suffering where fetishly flogging yourself for hours on end is the norm, I found it hard to convince myself that I had earned the 'high'.

My trusty old Brooks Green Silence have a few miles in the tank at this stage and I'm sorry to hear they've been discontinued.  Any suggestions for a similar type shoe as a replacement for when I'm out on the road?

Quality speed work, that's what they are, little 20 minute power trips. Now I'm convinced and chomping at the bit for the next one. They've taken a bit of gloss off my 10 miler project on Monday which I'm currently trying to motivate myself for. Finding the right pace could be tricky, the urge to run on the limits for 20 minutes will have to be  resisted and trying to find a more conservative but lively enough pace to put in a good time will be the trick of the day. This running game is an art. Run too conservatively and kick yourself for not trying hard enough, go out too fast and fall to pieces with a few miles to go. If I could just get it together to fall to pieces on the finish line, that's the optimum performance.

All in the name of fun!



    You can still get Brooks Green Silence online from that shop. You could stock up if you wanted (I did).

    1. Thanks Thomas
      I'v just invested from that link, tried to shop local but no joy unfortunately. For something so light they're a pretty durable shoe. The current pair got their fair share of trails, track and road albeit not the quantity of miles that yours have to go through.
      Best of luck in Tralee, sounds like your on fire.