Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wakey wakey

It's a bit like waking up at ten to nine for a nine o clock start, no homework done, jumper still in the washing machine and on your last warning. The arrival of new years day sounds the alarm clock for what has become the traditional for many, 'first race of the year' in three weeks time. The John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile road race.

Training up 'till Christmas has a certain laissez faire attitude attached to it, not quite going through the motions but more training for exercise sake and for the physical and mental benefits. New years day brings with it a new sense of urgency. Comes with it a realisation or belief that there's 'not enough done', guilty sensations of being 'under prepared' and 'having to play catch up' are rife.

Too many New year's day's have me ignoring these thoughts with a certain cockiness in the knowledge that at some stage during the year I'll have good legs. Right now though is a different story and its time for a spring clean, and at this stage of running 10's theres a certain time that I want to be around when I'm crossing the line.

And there, in that last sentence is what get's every part time runner off the couch, day in, day out thro' hell and high water. The fear of a dissapointing time.

On the first run of the year, thoughts went from shaking this cursed flu to five milers, to marathons,  reintroductions to bike racing and open water swimming, duathlons, triathlons, sportives. The usual mind rush of a forty minute run. In early January though you get the feeling thats it's all clearly spread out before you and you have more control over your destiny now than you do at any other time of year.

Well ......... Jan 1st is just another day. The excesses of a flu ridden Christmas and the frustrations that accompany it finally give way to the normality and mundanity that we subconsciously crave and may outwardly detest. Thoughts of getting back into a routine and the fact that Christmas is 51 weeks away gives us more room in our thoughts for the good things in life, this is what gets the creative juices flowing and imaginations running wild at what may lie before us in the year ahead.

So, For the committed who have designs on rattling the early season races, best of luck and thanks in advance for the high intensity workouts,
For the rest of us, patience is a virtue.
To everyone, all the best for 2013.

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